What Funk & Soul is all about. Charles Bradley at Hare and Hounds


New from Junip (jose gonzalez) - Line Of Fire, playing Bristol, 17th September


Upcoming gig at Thekla in Bristol on September 26th. Highly recommended.


65daysofstatic - Beatcast Coach Road Session 2012

One of the greatest bands of our Generation.

Dance Dance Dance
Piano Fights
Burial Scene

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Debut single from The Traps

Trentemøller - Sycamore Feeling

A captivating return from Anders Trentemøller serving as a prelude to his second album ‘Into the great wide yonder’ released May 31st 2010.

This particular track is available now with Gui Boratto, Thomas Schumacher, Trentemøller & Mofus flavoured reworks; all of which should be in your library, simply because I say so.

Watch the official video over at YouTube.

Gonjasufi - She Gone

I’m so glad Ben left his CDs here a the other week, it’s gave me a chance to sift though and see what he was listening to. One was the rather oddly titled Gonjasufi - A Sufi And A Killer after a couple of listens though I stumbled across this gem. 

Warp describe the album as ‘reanimated hip-hop and vintage psychedelia’ I’d say that’s pretty much bang on.

Four Tet - Angel Echoes

I’ve never got around to listening to Four Tet until now, I’m glad I started with There Is Love In You. It’s a wonderful mix of electro ambient sounds with a chilled out backbeat, I wish I could have posted Love Cry but it was just too damm long to fit inside Tumblr’s upload limit. So, if you like this, go find nine minutes to listen to Love Cry in full and then tell me that isn’t something special.

Errors - Supertibe

Errors return with another splendid bout of electro goodness. Compared with their previous album (it’s not something but whatever), Come Down With Me feels more open, more spacious, almost brighter and less melancholic.

The band appear to be out and about across the UK, so if you’d like to jump around listening to bleeps and beats (as I will) then get yourself along sharpish.

These New Puritans - Fire-Power

I’m stunned by how good this album is, Beat Pyramid was something awesome, but Hidden feels like the band are growing up and really embracing trying something new. Instead of pushing electronica for the sake of it with more effects and fake noise they’ve taken more traditional elements to build something truly original.

If you like recent Björk, Mira Calix or even Amon Tobin’s Foley Room then you should be all over this.